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Privacy by Design

Incorporate privacy into the design of products, systems and technologies.
Our team are privacy experts with extensive experience advising on privacy globally, and in particular in the blockchain, AI, crypto and distributed ledger technologies.


Our team have years experience advising on privacy requirements and developments globally. The evolution of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in parallel with increasing privacy requirements internationally has led to a challenging environment for developers and technologists. We help our clients negotiate the growing wave of regulation to design privacy compliant systems, services and products.


Our privacy consultants have extensive experience in data protection and privacy projects. We also assist investors and vendors conduct assessments and due diligence.


We provide training on different privacy requirements globally, and tailor them to our clients’ needs. We offer specialized training for developers on how to design blockchains with privacy in mind.

DPO and EU Rep

We act as stand-alone Data Protection Officers, and offer external support to your internal Data Protection Officers. We also offer EU Representation Services to clients outside the EU, including in the UK.

Privacy by design


On 12 January 2021, the INATBA Privacy Working Group published its Report on Data Protection Regulations applicable to blockchain technology in different jurisdiction worldwide.

The INATBA’s Identity Working Group published its Report entitled: “Decentralized Identity: What’s at Stake?”

In its Work Program 2019/2020, the European Data Protection Board noted that it may address blockchain in a future report.  

On July 24, 2019, the European Parliament published a Study entitled “Blockchain and the General Data Protection Regulation: Can distributed ledgers be squared with European data protection law?”  It examines the interaction between blockchain technology and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum in partnership with the University of Southampton, published a Paper entitled “On Blockchains and the General Data Protection Regulation”.

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